Call it the new spirit of contrition at United Airlines.

If the tone and remarks of the Chicago-based airline's top management on an earnings conference call this morning are any indication, United will be spending a lot of time in the months — and possibly years — to come trying to make amends for the horrific situation aboard United Express Flight 3411, where fare-paying passenger David Dao was dragged down the plane's aisle by Chicago Department of Aviation security officers.

United CEO Oscar Munoz — who had been pushing the "new spirit at United" mantra for the past year — spoke first during today's call. And as Munoz has repeatedly done in recent days, he apologized to customers and said he took full responsibility for what happened on Flight 3411, including the forcible eviction of David Dao.

Munoz also again ticked off changes in United operations that have come in just the past several days, including a vow never to call for security officers to go on board an aircraft unless there is a clear security or safety threat. And any crew members seeking seats on a United or United Express flight will have to reserve those seats at least 60 minutes before the flight's scheduled departure.

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