KUSA - With over a million people expected to travel through Denver International Airport this holiday weekend, it should come as no surprise that parking at the airport is filling up fast.

The Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot is already full, with over flow parking going to Mt. Elbert Shuttle Lot. The two lots combined have more than 17,000 parking spaces available for $8 per day.

Spaces are also still available in economy parking for $13 per day.

To keep up with the latest parking availability visit: http://bit.ly/22zcYoE or call 303-342-7275.

So far, security has been moving smoothly at D.I.A. Larry Nau, the Federal Security Director, says the reason things are moving smoothly is because of a community effort.

Nau says there have been some changes since last Thanksgiving including added staffing and canine teams in security.

Traffic at the airport is expected to pickup, and Sunday is expected to be a record breaking day for passengers traveling through the airport.