If you’re getting ready to travel, listen up.

Renewing or applying for a passport could soon take a little longer.

The State Department says millions of passports will expire in the coming months and that will create a backlog.

49 million passports will expire over the next several years.

“2007 was the most amount of passports that had ever been issued and all of those passports are getting ready to expire,” Erin Thomas at passportsandvisas.com said.

A flood of people applied for passports in 2007, when laws changed requiring people to have passports when traveling to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

Adding to the demand for new passports are new security measures that include a computer chip that quickly provides personal information.

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The State Department says many people will want updated passports because they meet new domestic travel requirements taking effect in 2018.

Some states driver's licenses still don't meet the standards, although Colorado licenses do. Still, it can already take up to six weeks to get a passport.

Erin Thomas with passportsandvisas.com says, soon it could take even longer.

Thomas recommends applying for your passport as early as possible. You'll also no longer be allowed to wear glasses in passport photos.

The no glasses policy is to help see your face more clearly.

The State Department hopes that will make travel a little safer for everyone.

Another change? The new passports will only have 28 pages instead of 52.