Last month the Federal Highway Administration signed off on the plan to expand I-70 through north Denver —a project that has faced fierce opposition.

On Thursday, The Colorado Department of Transportation hosted a public meeting to give an update on the next steps.

The meeting was packed with both supporters and opponents of the project.

The project will reconstruct a 10-mile stretch of I-70, add an Express Lane in each direction and remove the aging 53-year old viaduct.

I-70 will also be lowered between Brighton and Colorado boulevards with a 4-acre park placed over a portion of the lowered highway.

A partial rendering of the I-70 expansion project. 

Some residents worry about impacts on their health and the environment. Others say the project will improve the community.

A lawsuit filed against the EPA over air quality standards used to study environmental impacts is still pending.

The Justice Department is investigating complaints from community groups that the project could have severe environmental and economic impacts on the communities of Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea.

CDOT still expects to break ground on the project next year.