The top story on Tuesday by far?

A look at a 72-hour Southwest deal that purports to have fares below $100 roundtrip, which sounds pretty great.

The problem? If you want fares under $100 roundtrip, you won’t be flying to or from Denver. The cheapest flight from DIA is to Phoenix at $73 one-way – still not a bad deal, but if you were banking on spending less than $100 on the flight, you might be disappointed.

A search for a flight on a given day shows that yes, the fares in the sale are available – but not for every departing time.

And actually, if you’re cool with flying to Phoenix at 5:20 a.m. on a Tuesday, you can snag a one-way ticket for $59 – less than what the deal advertises (returning flights get a little bit more expensive though).

And, as some 9NEWS Facebookers noted, the deal doesn't advertise this, but if you're willing to get up super early or stay up past your bedtime, you can get to Las Vegas from Denver for less than $100 round trip -- meaning you have money to blow on things like a Celine Dion concert or what normal people do when they go to Las Vegas.

The sale is good for traveling between Aug. 22 and Dec. 13. Flights on Fridays and Sundays, as well as certain days around the holidays, are excluded.

The $49 fares are for the shortest routes Southwest offers. That means, if you want to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco, for instance, you might be able to snag that good deal (and a USA TODAY reporter noticed there were lots of fares at this rate available for this route, if you're feeling a California vacation and have a way to get there first).

Here’s a screenshot of the flights departing from Denver – still certainly cheaper than average, but nothing that will cost you less than $100 like the headline says:

You can find a look at the flash sale here:

And USA TODAY took a little bit of a deeper dive analyzing the sale here: