A truckload of giraffes?

A Colorado veterinarian is on her third trip to Uganda to help safely transport giraffes across the Nile River in order to move them to protected habitat.

Much of the giraffes' habitat is threatened by oil drilling.

Dr. Liza Dadone, the head veterinarian at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is in Uganda as part of a multinational team of advisors helping the Ugandan government develop a 10-year giraffe conservation strategy. The zoo's Animal Care Manager is also with her.

This week, she helped move nine females and five males to their reintroduction site at Murchison Falls National Park.

While there, the team is helping with the anesthesia monitoring plus doing a wild giraffe X-ray study to better understand how wild and zoo giraffes compare.

Dr. Dadone also spent a week at the Entebbe Zoo, helping advise zookeepers on how to train, care for, and treat several animals. She's also helped develop a positive-reinforcement training program for zoo animals.

In all, Dr. Dadone will spend three weeks abroad. It's her second trip to Uganda this year.