Police in northern India are reviewing reports of missing children from the past few years in the hopes of identifying a young girl who they say they found more than two months ago in a forest living among a group of monkeys.  

The girl, believed to be about 10 to 12 years old was unable to speak, had no clothes on and was emaciated when she was discovered in January.  She was taken to a hospital, and when she first arrived, doctors say she displayed behavior similar to the primates.

The girl reportedly ran on her arms and legs, and ate food directly off the floor with her mouth.  

After treatment, she has reportedly started walking normally and eating with her hands.  Doctors say she still cannot speak but seems to be able to understand them and uses gestures to communicate.

Police are trying to determine how the girl got to the forest and who her parents are. She will be sent to a home for juveniles until she can be identified.