Maybe the headline of this story should have mentioned that Kevin’s a turkey.

Whatever, he’s famous, and like Cher, Madonna and Beyonce, Kevin the Palomino Park Turkey has now earned the right to just be … Kevin.

Here’s a synopsis of Kevin’s rags to riches tale: he lived in a King Soopers parking lot near C-470 and Quebec Street for years. Like the divas of yore, he displayed some “difficult” behavior, like attacking people on the way to their cars and blocking traffic sometimes.

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This man wants to protect Kevin's safety. 

He also had a minor to moderate fast food habit, but in his defense, he lived next to a McDonald’s (this is a good time to add that you should not feed wildlife, people!).

Like Beyonce, Kevin has many adoring fans – and one of them made him his own Facebook page.
Life was good for Kevin, but we have an update to share: it’s better. For one thing, he doesn’t live in a parking lot anymore. For another, his diet is probably better … that is, if you consider the fruits, berries, seeds and nuts that comprise the wild turkey diet better than McDonald’s.

If you, like much of the world, have been eagerly following Kevin, you know that back in October Colorado Parks and Wildlife decided to relocate him.

Since contributing to the untimely death of a local celebrity is never a good thing, CPW decided to wait until after turkey season to release him into the wild. They were also waiting until they knew he had a clean bill of health (he does, which is shocking if you’ve seen “Super Size Me”).

Kevin the Palomino Park Turkey ponders a Dorito. He is being moved partially because of a poor diet that largely consisted of French fries and bread. 

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But, earlier this week, the moment of Kevin’s release officially came, and accompanied by what one can only assume were scores of paparazzi cameras, he finally returned to nature.

Frankly, he deserves the relaxation. And maybe out here in the wild, he can finally find love.

You can watch the Kevin update update. It’s worth mentioning again that you legit shouldn’t feed wildlife. Kevin became the Kevin we all know today because people weren’t treating him like the wild animal he is. That’s not good – and public service announcement: if you see a wild turkey in a parking lot, leave it alone instead of feeding it French fries.


The ful story on Kevin's release from CPW: