Police officers and detectives encounter all types of strange things in their line of work, that's for sure!

Recently, Detective "J", who works for Fort Collins Police Services, found himself in a rather unusual situation at the home of a victim he was trying to contact.

There on the front patio of a rather rural home, staring at him, was a goat.

Apparently the not-so-small 'guard goat' is named Teeny, as Detective J would later learn from the young man who opened the door.

The officer has a rather hilarious recounting of his situation (no kidding!):

"Being a city boy and never having confronted a goat before, I opted to stay in my car for a minute or two (...or ten, but who was counting)," he shared while recounting the experience. "After working up a bit of courage, I slowly got out of my car. Teeny trotted over, his demeanor somewhere between friendly and protective. At least that’s how I read it, but what do I know about goat body language."

Detective J, courage gathered, walked up to the front door. Teeny the guard goat followed him closely.

He knocked on the door, and a young man answered. At the exact moment the door was opened, Teeny made a mad dash to get inside the house.

Fort Collins Police described the scene on their Facebook page, "The kid, clearly well-versed in Teeny's tactics, quickly blocked the determined animal. When asked if Teeny was friendly, the young man said, “Not really. He won’t stay in his cage and he always tries to come inside.”

Detective J wasn't able to talk to the victim, who wasn't home, but he did at least snap a pic of the watchgoat before departing, who eyed him very suspiciously as he left.