A new restaurant is enticing all of its visitors' senses.

Imagine being able to eat under water with fish swimming around you. Or in a field of cherry blossoms.

Now you can, sort of, thanks to a virtual dining restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

"Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting" teamed up with an art collective company to provide diners with a interactive virtual art and food feast.

It includes a 12-course fusion meal and a trip to some far off land using the latest technology in sensors, projection mapping and sound.

As each course is brought out, the scenes change.

And each dining experience is different. The projected surrounds are different based on the the number of plates and customers in the restaurant as well as the movement happening right then.

The restaurant plans to changes the menu and projection mapping each month depending on the season.

They only serve a maximum of eight diners each day. The experience costs a total of an equivalent of $300 per person.