The most Boulder thing that could possibly happen in Boulder happened in Boulder Thursday.

A small bear, captured in photos by Daily Camera photographer Jeremy Papasso, pranced through downtown Boulder with a gaggle of police officers and animal control officers trailing behind.

According to the Daily Camera, the bear took a dip in Boulder Creek before climbing back out and lumbering off towards the mountains west of the city.

But - not before the newspaper captured the most Boulder quote of all time from some befuddled onlookers who claimed to have just finished smoking a bowl.

Justin Saylor of Arlington, Virginia, told the Daily Camera he heard someone yell, "Bear!" but could not immediately determine if there actually was one around.

"I had just smoked a bowl and was like, 'This might not be happening,'" Saylor told the Daily Camera. "I was like, 'No way.' But, 'Yes way' — there was a bear."

So there you go. #OnlyInBoulder