Just say the word "subway" and Vicky Lopez-Terrill knows what's coming.

She's a good sport about it. After five years married to prankster Bob Terrill — who passed away in 2011 — she just laughs at his old antics. The great subway hoax of 1982 is no different.

Always a jokester, Bob wrote a story in 1982 about a subway system built deep beneath Old Town in an effort to attract the 1904 World's Fair. It was published in a November 1982 issue of Poudre Magazine, detailing a subway system known as "the mole," that ran in Fort Collins from 1904 to 1918.

Underground shops and restaurants, with bistro tables still covered in dust, were just steps away from downtown Fort Collins, Bob wrote. It was known by few, and accessible by a set of stairs at the corner of Linden and Walnut streets, he said.

And, of course, it was all fiction.

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