Is the University of Wisconsin scoping out CU?

Probably, but this isn’t anything to joke about.

CU Boulder tweeted about a “rare badger sighting” at the university, and while the critter in question – which was spotted meandering down some stairs – might look cute, the tweet says they can be “extremely dangerous.”

That 'description' was disputed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff. They say while badger sightings are rare in downtown boulder, the badgers won't badger anyone unless provoked or protecting their young.

Anyone who spots the badger is asked to call 303-492-5522.

As for UW Madison, well … they replied to the tweet and said:

“#Badgers are ferocious, can confirm. We’ll call ‘em back to Wisconsin.”

A CU Boulder spokesperson says there has only been one badger sighting on campus so far. It was posted on Instagram by a third party earlier this week, and the university "felt it was important to tweet out a campus safety message should anyone run into the critter." Colorado Parks and Wildlife will try to capture and relocate the badger if it's found.

Badger sightings are rare -- especially in urban areas, CU said.

That is, unless you're in Wisconsin, but those badgers don't look anything like the ones spotted at CU. They're also pretty harmless.