Don’t worry: Mississippi is still there … but you might be confused if you took a look at a map tweeted out by the Seattle Times last week.

The map in question showed Hurricane Harvey’s potential path, and even if you aren’t a geography nerd, you might notice that something is missing/has turned into Alabama.

Can’t see the map? Click here:

This prompted the ironic hashtag #PrayForMississippi.

Of course, the Seattle Times apologized, but this is the internet, and as someone who has screwed up on the internet before, I can tell you people are too snarky to care if you apologize (maybe this is where I’ll mention that I know this story has been floating around for a while … but it’s hilarious).

People in Mississippi and Alabama were amused by the whole thing.

Other people used the easy … but still funny … joke:

And then, there was this: