FRISCO - Normally, the Frisco 5K Turkey Trot run has only a few people and a few dogs taking part.

But this year, the Turkey Trot had an actual turkey running, and not for his life.

His name is Christmas the Thanksgiving Turkey and he’s one of the few turkeys not in a "fowl" mood on Thanksgiving Day.

Instead, he ran with 800 people in the Frisco 5K Turkey Trot.

A few inches of fresh snow covered the streets, which wasn’t a problem for runners like Ryan Chreist from Boulder, who dressed in a red Santa jump suit and turkey hat for the run.

“We’re here for the Frisco Turkey Trot, why else would I be dressed like this?” said Chreist.

Money from the Frisco Turkey Trot goes to Frisco Elementary School and its science, technology, engineering and math program.

Around $2,000 was raised during the 2016 trot.