Oh, socks. How amazing you are. You keep our feet warm, let us slip and slide on hard floors, and are just all-around practical.

And flip-flops! How great you are on a hot summer day when wearing socks is just completely ridiculous.

Both socks and flip-flops have their uses that were - up until now - completely separate.

Now come flip-flop socks. Some brands have the fingerless-glove look - others make your toes look like lobster claws.

The fingerless-glove-style socks are reminiscent of yoga socks - without the heel or toes - but these lobster claw variants are a new look.

While most people think of the sweltering heat of Summer day at the beach when they think of flip-flops, for Denverites this new product means we can rock our flip-flops all year round!

On the other hand, who would want to?

Let us know. Do you think a new fad has been born, or has the internet gone too far once again?