It's pumpkin season, everybody. So we know you have a plentiful supply of pumpkin guts and nothing to do with them.

Denver Water said today that people flush them down the toilet, and that's not a good idea. For your toilet's benefit, don't do that.

But here are some other options for your leftovers:

Roast your pumpkin seeds. Clean them first, boil for 10 minutes, drain the water and dry the seeds. Then throw them on a baking sheet.

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Compost it. It'll be ready for your garden in the spring. Take out the seeds first, and cover it with carbon-rich materials in your pile so bugs don't get to the pumpkin.

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Plant it. Make a pumpkin planter with annuals. You can keep it inside as decoration for a while but then throw it in the backyard to decompost

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Make a face mask. Mix the pumpkin with egg, honey or even vinegar and later up.

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Leave it out for animals. If you can't have pumpkin lattes, have some pumpkin guts.

And on that note, make your own pumpkin spice latte. You need a half cup of pumpkin for it. How much money will this save us???

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Dog treats! Because pups are basic too.

pumpkin soup on wooden background, closeup, horizontal (thinkstock)

Soup. This one has mushrooms, onion and chili flakes.

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Potpourri. Because everyone loves that pumpkin smell. This one needs just five other ingredients.

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Pumpkin juice. You'll pour boiling water over the stringy parts. Sounds trendy.