United Launch Alliance won a $191 million space launch contract for an experimental Air Force project, beating out SpaceX to launch the STP-3 mission in two years.

The U.S. Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles on Thursday awarded Centennial-based ULA the contract after reviewing bids by ULA and Elon Musks’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX.

STP-3 is slated to launch atop one of ULA’s Atlas V rockets from Cape Canaveral, Florida, with the mission occurring between late June and August of 2019.

“With a mission success record of 100 percent and a tremendous heritage of 71 consecutive successful Atlas V launches, we provide the best overall launch service for our customers,” ULA CEO Tory Bruno said in a statement. “ULA is the choice for customers when a critical payload must be delivered to space on-time and safely.”

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