Authorities tell 9NEWS the Peak 2 fire is still burning - and firefighters expect the winds, and the heat to pick back up tomorrow.

So for now - mandatory evacuations for 463 homes in the Peak 7 area are still in effect.

Just after 11 this morning - a man mountain biking in the area spotted smoke and reported the fire. It's in heavy forest with a lot of beetle kill, so the dead trees gave it plenty of fuel.

BACKGROUND | Wildfire burning in Summit County expected to flare up tomorrow afternoon

Around 2 this afternoon the fire was spreading quickly ---so they decided it was necessary to order those evacuations.

As for the fire laying down as quickly as it did– firefighters say weather gets the credit.

"We would like to take credit for that but we would like give credit to the wind because when the wind did shift it actually pushed the fire back into the burned area and actually slowed it down," says one firefighter.

Police allowed people in the evacuated areas to go home and get a few things but they can't sleep there.

Around 50 residents were at the evacuation center earlier but they all have places to stay for the night so that shelter will close Wednesday and reopen Thursday morning.

Many people in the area just stood and watched - something they don't often see.

At this point - the mandatory evacuation for Peak 7 will stay in effect until noon tomorrow. Crews will keep an eye on the fire throughout the night.