A Mesa County woman will have to get tested for several diseases including HIV and Hepatitis after stepping on a used syringe at a park.

Janie Wilkey told KKCO that she stepped on it while walking through Kenwood Park. The needle went through her shoe and into her foot.

"I came home and took my shoes off and socks off and I saw blood on my left foot and there was a puncture wound," said Wilkey to KKCO. "I instantly knew I had stepped on a syringe and that panicked me."

Wilkey says drug use is common at the park. According to KKCO, after learning about the incident, Mesa County Parks and Facilities sent out a crew.

"We walk it side by side in a grid pattern and look very closely. Those needles can get in the grass where it’s hard to see,” Greg Lainza, director of Mesa County Facilities and Parks told the station. “We rake our mulch in the playground area to make sure there isn't anything sharp."

Park officials say they did not find the needle or any other threats to health or safety. Wilkey hopes no one else will have to face what she's now facing.

"Terrifying, absolutely terrifying because I don't know what the labs are going to show for up to the next year. The unknown is the worst fear,” Wilkey told KKCO. “Be aware of your surroundings, please look around –check the grass, you don't know what you or your children are going to step on."