We live in an amazing place, with lots of incredible stories. Here's a look at some of the great things that happened this year:

The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl!

Sure, this one’s obvious, but we need to say it – and should probably start with it.

The Denver Broncos beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers 24-10 on Feb. 7. It cemented Peyton Manning’s legacy, and made us realize that Von Miller is the new King of Broncos country.

Hundreds of thousands of people came out to celebrate in downtown Denver a few days later.

Speaking of the Broncos, one of their cheerleaders wore a dinosaur costume and it was awesome

She won Halloween, FYI.

ORIGINAL STORY: http://on9news.tv/2fosdxz

There was a corgi parade in Fort Collins

This happened last year too, but it’s important to think about the Tour de Corgi whenever you can.

ORIGINAL STORY: http://on9news.tv/2eWCal2

Firefighters were able to rescue 3 animals from an apartment fire

The dog, named Blue, was pulled from house and, after some oxygen, was up a short time later and wagging her tail!

ORIGINAL STORY: http://on9news.tv/2fTdkYo

Adele blessed Denver with her presence

For one day, both Adele Arakawa and the singer Adele were in Denver and we were #blessed.

The latter Adele took a happy picture in a mystery pool during her stay in the Mile High City. (Sidenote: Do you know which pool this is? Email webteam@9news.com).

Denver, CO

A photo posted by @adele on

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The CU twins were homecoming parade grand marshals

91-year-old Peggy and Betty are the cutest CU fans you’ll ever see.

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Peggy and Betty are the ultimate CU fans and will be the grand marshals of the CU Homecoming parade this weekend.

Red Rocks turned 75!

And it has never looked so good!

This 13-year-old from Aurora inspired all of us

Birthdays often all for presents and big celebrations, but 13-year-old Kyra Dooley decided to spread the love instead.

She’s inspiring, and you can watch our last story here:

Cheryl Preheim’s son taught us how ‘brave conquers fear’

It’s an important message for all of us. Watch Kim Christiansen’s story below:

The CU football team got really good

Like, really good.

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This soccer goal happened … and even though it didn’t count, it was awesome

Sports go sports!

The sun rose and set every day … and you sent us marvelous photos

Shia LaBeouf confused all of us and tweeted GPS coordinates in Colorado for a weird art projectMaybe not good news … but it’s kind of funny!

The Shia LaBeouf Code

ORIGINAL STORY: http://on9news.tv/2fB5tdWThe best part? We live in one of the most beautiful places in the worldAnd that is the most wonderful thing of all.