Snow is just around the corner for Denver and that means ski season is oh-so-soon! Get your hips and legs ready for a full season of playing on the mountain, injury-free!

My first move is a glute mash using a lacrosse ball or tennis ball. Our piriformis can get incredible knotted when we sit too much. This can cause lower back pain and strain as well as tight hips! Do this smash at least 2-3 minutes each side, every day for instant pain relief and injury prevention.

My second move is a softer type ball and is for our psoas! This muscle is hard to get to, but is used walking, breathing, and in every workout. It is our trunk, or our core, and can so easily get too tight and lead to injury. Make sure the ball you use is gentle and spend 2-3 minutes on each side.

Mobility is key to an injury free season! Start now and be ready for that powder.

Emily Schromm