It's warm weather and that means more running!

One thing I see over and over with more running is more knee pain! Use my three tips to keep knees healthy and strong all year long.

1. TRAIN BALANCE: single leg work is the best way to strengthen all those tiny little muscles we forget about! Single leg deadlifts to even just single leg toothbrush holds are perfect to keep the knee safe in a stable environment for when our runs hit some unexpected bumps!

2. FOAM ROLL: our IT bands (sides of legs) will always be painful, but digging out our quads will allow you to loosen up your muscles so you can utilize them! Much knee pain comes from quads and TFL being too tight, and foam rolling daily will absolutely prevent knee pain.

3. TRAIN HAMSTRINGS: A muscle group runners sometimes forget when training for 5ks and longer runs! Deadlifts and glute bridges are a MUST to balance out the front leg with the back so that knee stays safe. 3 sets of 10 of each move 2-3x a week is key for a healthy knee.

For more tips, check out my YouTube or Instagram at Emily Schromm!