POWER Training delivers vitality to the inner athlete. Actively using strength abilities in full-body movement patterns, speed and strength combine for maximum total output.

POWER workouts leave you inspired by your redefined thresholds and this complete workout combines speed, strength, coordination, and an understanding of how your body performs. Success in POWER training reverses our muscles time-clock and brings both purpose and vitality to an active lifestyle.


Dumbbell Squat Press Pop - think of your movement like a "jack n' the box". Load your legs and explosively stand up while pressing your weight overhead. Focus on performing the movement as a single action. 5 - 10 REPS. Perform as many reps (up to 10) as you can without a delay from standing to pressing. Once your movement slows, stop. KEEP POWER!

Box Jump - now without the dumbbell, you should jump to the moon! Use the same "load and explode" technique from above for an explosive box jump. 5 - 10 REPS (mimic how many you did on exercise #1).

Depth Jump to Broad Jump - Step softly off of your elevated platform, land in a squat (absorbing the energy from your landing), swing your arms and jump as high and as far as possible. 5 - 10 REPS.
Repeat this circuit for 3-4 rounds as an addition to your cardio based fitness (jog, run, walk, cycle) for a boost in your body's POWER output. This training provides benefit to all physical activity. Also, a powerful muscle is a healthy muscle!

Justin Holle, e3 Fitness