We get a lot of gems through Your Take.

Sometimes, we get awesome videos of bears. Other times, we get to see cool moments in your life or cute photos of your pets.

In this case, some of us on the 9NEWS.com team were just confused. If you clicked on this story with a headline that has nothing to do with politics and want to complain that it’s not about politics, here’s your acknowledgment of that/chance to comment that you don’t care.

But, if you clicked on this and said to yourself: “I want to know if it’s a snake on a plane wing!” then keep reading.

The video in question came from viewer Keir Mathur. He writes:

“A snake hiding in our plane wing decided to try and leave his secret spot on our way into Denver.”

A bunch of us watched the video a few times, and honestly, we’re not quite sure. It kind of just looks like something attached to the plane, but we can see where the viewer is coming from.

Watch the video below – what do you think?

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