Many of us have childhood memories of at least one family road trip. According to USA Today, 76 percent of travelers choose road trips over air travel. So whether you’re planning a cross-country trek or a couple of weeks touring your home state, keep more than your destination in mind.

Here are nine items that will help keep your road trip stress free.

  1. Snacks- Easy to pack fruit, cheese, veggies and nut butters provide better nutrition and will save you money and time. Stop for fast food or roadside treats only occasionally.
  2. Water- An absolute must. Reusable canteens create less garbage and clutter in the car and can be filled up at stops along the way.
  3. Entertainment- It’s nice to think you could spend the entire time chatting, playing games and generally enjoying each other’s company; however, books, videos and well-charged devices are a really good plan b. Which takes us to…
  4. Back Up Power- Be sure to pack charging cords and batteries that fit everything from flashlights to action figures.
  5. Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Anti-bacterial Wipes- You think you won’t need these until you get to your destination, but you will, so pack them.
  6. Medications- Make sure they’re clearly labeled and stored in a safe place for the duration of your trip.
  7. Identifications- Driver’s Licenses, passports and the like. Make sure they get from your purse or wallet into the backpacks you put in the trunk.
  8. Travel Insurance- Accidents do happen. Unforeseen problems can arise. Travel Insurance is a smart way to protect you and your loved ones when away from home. In the event of illness or unexpected incident you can have peace of mind knowing your family will get home safely. Get the information you need at
  9. A Positive Attitude- No matter where the road takes you, there are good memories to be made around every corner. Enjoy this special time with family and friends.

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Thanks to our readers, we added the below tips based off of comments on a Facebook conversation.

"For families, Ad Libs can be a great deal of fun on long road trips and everyone, including the driver, can participate in some manner. My kiddos were road trip warriors by the time they were three or four. We have always enjoyed traveling and the kids didn't know any different. :) But yes on the snacks, especially with kids in tow," writes Wendy M. Brummett Maness.

"An atlas, just in case your GPS or the Google gods lose service and stop navigating. It sucks to be in the middle of nowhere and hear 'recalculating,'" advises Teresa Eterno Lehtinen.