Last weekend was emotional for the crew of the Furniture Row Racing team with another win and another loss.

On Saturday night James Watson, the teams Road Crew Fabricator, suffered a heart attack and passed away at the age of 55. Less than 24 hours later Martin Truex Jr. went out and won his seventh NASCAR race of the season, a race they dedicated to their friend.

"It's tragic, he was a huge part of this team," said Truex after the victory. "We were racing with heavy hearts. We were all talking about him before the race and we wanted to do good for him and I know he would love to be here celebrating with us."

Greg Emmer, the Assistant Car Chief, began working with Watson back in 2006. He questioned why this happened but he knew wanted Jim would want them to race, and he was thrilled they were able to win for him.

"It was very emotional," said Emmer. "The last 20 laps it was hard to keep it in and contain but as soon as we crossed the start finish line and took the checkered flag that's when emotions come out that you've held in all day."

This has been the best year on the track for Furniture Row Racing and at the same time the worst with so much adversity.

Sherry Pollex, the girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr., is battling stage 3 ovarian cancer and this summer, Jacob Damen, the best friend of Crew Chief Cole Pearn, passed away at the age of 35 to an aggressive bacterial infection.

Furniture Row has been able to honor those closest to them with victories, but their most successful season so far isn't over yet. That No. 78 team has a championship to win.