On the day Terrell Davis is to be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I feel compelled to suggest he is wrong.

T.D. was asked – as part of a series of 9 questions and topics (plus three bonus) if he could only choose one, would he go with the Gold Jacket or the bronze bust?

“Probably the jacket,’’ Davis said. “They’re a little different. The jacket you keep with you. The bust is going to be awesome but it stays here in Canton. Which is cool. That has a huge impact as far as when you walk into that room and you see all the busts in there. But the Gold Jacket is what people can identify with the most.’’

Davis’ answer, if I interpret it correctly, is about what’s cool for today. Which is missing the point. The Hall of Fame is about football immortality. Usually, the NFL only cares about today. Ezekiel Elliott and Odell Beckham Jr. are today. Former Green Bay Packer Johnny “Blood” – not to be confused with “Blood of the City” Johnny Bowlen – is about forever.

The Gold Jacket can be torn, dry cleaned and forgotten in the plane’s overhead bin. The bronze bust stays in Canton’s Hall of Fame Gallery presumably for hundreds of years after T.D. and everyone reading (and writing) this is gone.

So even if Davis doesn’t agree, the ceremony tonight at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium embodies what the honor is all about. He will see his bust unveiled, and then he will make the speech.

The Gold Jacket is great so long as Davis is here on earth. The speech are words that will be recorded for posterity. The bust will be there for long lines of visitors to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to enjoy each day.

Other rapid fire questions 9News asked Davis during a sit-down interview Friday, the eve of his Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony:

Favorite health food: “Is salmon health food?’’ (Yep.)

Favorite cheat food? “Red Vines.’’

Favorite touchdown: “The winning Super Bowl 32 touchdown. (When they let you walk in?) When they let me walk in. That was it. That was the one.’’

Favorite post-career moment: “The birth of my – well, getting married and the birth of my first child.’’

What are you planning on doing from here on out now that you have “HOF” behind your name: “Hopefully, using it to do better stuff. To use this platform to give back and whatever message I have to deliver.’’

Worst moment with Denver Broncos: “Tearing my ACL.’’ (You were never quite the same after that, were you?): “No, that was it. That was officially, or unofficially, my retirement.’’

Best friend with Broncos: “Byron Chamberlain.’’

John Elway: “Not only great at playing the game, but obviously great as GM and president (of football operations). The man is just, whatever he touches it seems to turn to gold.’’

Will you be buried in the Gold Jacket? “No, I think I’ll keep it here on earth. I don’t know yet, we’ll see when it happens.’’

Broncos fans: “I just thank them, man. Ever since I came to Denver, it’s been great. They welcomed me into the city. I don’t think I’ve had a bad moment with Bronco fans, so thank you very much, I appreciate it. Mile High Salute.’’

Pat Bowlen: “Hopefully 2018 for him. I know a few weeks from now they’re going to have the committee vote for the contributor category. Hopefully, this is the year for him. He deserves it. You look at the records, the winning percentages since he’s been there. The Super Bowls. I think in a three-year span, won more games than any team ever. Forty-six wins in a three-year span (from 1996-98) thanks to that man. The leadership is from the top. It starts with the owner and it trickles down. I think he should be the next one in line. And I’m looking forward to it.’’