Well, it's March Madness, which means that everyone you know is probably filling out a bracket.

That goes for the college hoops experts, casual sports fans and even your grandma who is just picking the teams that sport her favorite colors.

Here at 9NEWS, we wanted to put a spin on the everyday college hoops tournament hoopla, and offer the people of Colorado something different to vote on.

So, we bring you "9NEWS Bracket Insanity" where fans can vote on their favorite Colorado athletes of all time, matchup-by-matchup, round-by-round.

Remember, these are the state's FAVORITE athletes in Colorado sports history, not necessarily just the ones with the best resumes.

There were hundreds of worthy candidates, but we did our best to narrow the list down to 64 of the most popular athletes in the state's history.

They've been seeded, and now, it's up for you to vote on.

Click here to get PDF of 9NEWS Insanity Bracket First Round

We'll follow our bracket along at the same pace as the actual NCAA basketball tournament. So, since the first round of March Madness takes place March 16-17, the voting for the first round of our 9NEWS Bracket Insanity will be open on those days.

Come Friday at midnight, voting will close, and the athletes with the most votes in every matchup will advance on to the next round. And, so on, until the state's favorite Colorado athlete of all time will be decided on April 3, the day of the men's basketball national championship.

The bracket is broken up into four regions: the Mile High region, the Rocky Mountain region, the Pikes Peak region and the West region.

Each region is composed of 16 seeds, just like the March Madness bracket.

In our 9NEWS Bracket Insanity, the four No. 1 seeds are John Elway, Terrell Davis, Joe Sakic and Todd Helton.

In our research, the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame was a big reference in helping decide who made it in to the final 64.

Like our 9NEWS Sports Facebook page for constant updates throughout the bracket, and follow along as the state eventually decides its favorite Colorado athlete of all time.