There hasn't been a lot to smile about at Broncos Headquarters with back to back losses to the Giants and the Chargers. There team is frustrated and realizes they need to bounce back in Kansas City on Monday night.

The team and the fans have been down, which made the last segment of the Broncos Huddle a break everyone seemed to need. It provided some comedy as Emmanuel Sanders did impressions of his teammates and longtime 9News anchor, the legendary Mark Koebrich joined in and asked a question.

The Broncos Huddle had its serious moments as well. Special guest Linebacker Brandon Marshall talked about avoiding any kind of division on the team and demonstrated how to get through the fullback to get to the quarterback.

The Broncos will visit the Chiefs on Monday night. The game will air on KTVD Channel 20 at 6:15pm with the pregame show starting at 5:30pm.

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