The University of Colorado Assistant Golf Coach, Pat Grady, has had a taxing few days of work, and we're not talking about his job on the course.

Not only is Grady an assistant coach for the Buffs golf team, but he moonlights as a CPA and the two sometimes overlap, especially around this time of year. 

"Some of them just come to me and they had absolutely no idea that they were even getting tax withheld on their scholarship," Grady said, "and to get them their money back and make it easier for them, it's very rewarding."

Another reward after long hours and nights finishing all these taxes was getting back on the course with the team. 

"It was rough," Grady said, "It was about a one o'clock bed time, April 18th deadline." 

Grady's first approach was to go pro as a golfer; however, with such a competitive league, being a CPA will pay the bills in the mean time. 

"Playing golf is impossibly difficult," Grady said, "I mean there are 2,000 guys every year that go to this qualifying tournament and I think 45 even get on the tour. It is so tough, but people do it because they love it and it's their passion." 

In the mean time his grip on helping the Buffs and crunching numbers as a CPA will have to do.