Even on a training day, ski fan Ira Colby was sure to get a good spot at Beaver Creek to see the world’s fastest men skis.

“You can really get a really good idea of what this is like,” said Colby.

Races like Birds of Prey allow Coloradans to see the skiers just a few months before the Winter Olympics in South Korea, “See these guys before they get out to Korea,”’ said Colby.

Skiers like Team USA racer Travis Ganong will “push really hard,” said Ganong.

Ganong is looking to fly 80 miles an hour down the 1.7 mile long Birds of Prey run and try to earn a spot on the Olympic team.

“It’s always different in an Olympic year because you want to qualify for the Olympic team so every race is like an Olympic qualifier,” said Ganong.

Cranking up the race excitement and giving Ira a chance to see Olympic athletes in Colorado before they race at the Olympics in Korea, “this is a once in a lifetime for me,” said Colby.

Racing in Beaver Creek starts Friday with the Super G, then the downhill is Saturday and the Giant Slalom will close racing up on Sunday.