ENGLEWOOD-- Moms aren’t the only people who love rookies.

Everybody loves rookies. Rookies begin with nothing but unlimited potential. They haven’t made a mistake yet. Garett Bolles can be the next Gary Zimmerman. Isaiah McKenzie might be the next Devin Hester.

Saturday was fun for the Broncos. Only the rookies practiced. There were 24 of the 25 rookies out there. Quarterback Chad Kelly, who can’t practice anyway because of right wrist surgery, was excused so he could attend his graduation ceremonies at Ole Miss. Fifth-round tight end Jake Butt was out there for individual drills, a little more than 4 months after ACL surgery.

The biggest man on the Broncos rookie campus is Bolles, the first-round left tackle.

“I feel like I have the capability of doing that,’’ Bolles said in reference to whether he is automatically the leader by virtue of his standing. “But I’m just out here trying to be the best I can. We’re all leaders out here. We’re all trying to find our way.

“But if one person needs to step up if that’s me, that’s awesome, if somebody else that’s great. I’m just trying to do everything I can possible to get ready so when the vets come out here on Monday, I’m ready to go and I can run with them.’’

Besides Bolles at left tackle, the rookie that flashed was McKenzie. The fifth-round pick will be the Broncos’ returner this season. He showed eye-popping speed on day 1.

“Speed, agility, everything in small-man nature – I can do a lot in the return game,’’ McKenzie said. “If they want me to block, play gunner or run the ball, I’m going to do it. I’m doing everything possible on special teams to make the team better.’’

Once the Bronco kids get on the practice field Monday with the veterans, then reality sets in. Rookies will learn they don’t know.

Until then, second-round defensive end DeMarcus Walker has a chance to become the next Malik Jackson. With more sacks.

“It was coach Ray (Jackson), our player development guy, he said, ‘Once a year, there is a rookie class that gets a chance to go to the Super Bowl,’’’ Walker said. “Why can’t it be us?’’