A change in quarterback was the topic of the day at Broncos Headquarters, both during the day and during the Broncos Huddle.

Emmanuel Sanders had a lot of success when Brock Osweiler was throwing to him, but when asked about #17 on the Broncos Huddle, Sanders first chose to talk about Trevor Siemian and the effort he put in to help this team succeed, even though they didn't.

"You want to talk about a guy that's tough as nails, but took a ton of pounding " said Sanders on Siemian.

Now though, it's on to Osweiler. The Broncos made that official announcement today after it had become obvious that a change had to be made. Broncos Safety Will Parks, who was the special guest on the Broncos Huddle, played his college ball at Arizona. Osweiler played for rival ASU, but Parks laughed that off saying that they are all on the same team now.

This will be a special game on Sunday for Parks. Will grew up in Philadelphia, and will have a lot of friends and family at the game.

"Everybody is making that a big deal," said Parks. "My phone is blowing up. I have cousins I don’t know asking me for stuff. I’m excited. I’m going there for business, to get the job done and get a win for my team. It’s definitely going to be emotional. It’ll be the first time I’m playing in Philly since 2011. A lot of people are trying to come to that game. A lot of people are going to that game. It’s going to be epic.”

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