Not since the Peyton Manning days have the Broncos been such a huge favorite as they are for their game Sunday night.

Most sports books have the Broncos favored by 12-point favorites against the Giants, who despite all their problems still have Eli Manning at quarterback.

The trick for the Broncos is to know how to act.

“I forgot what movie that was where they had the Giants versus the Cowboys and they were little kids. They were the Little Giants,’’ said Broncos star linebacker Von Miller. “We could be playing the Little Giants right now. It could be Sunday Night Football and I would still be up for it. That’s just how it is. They have weapons over there. Eli with the football in his hands, they have an opportunity to win.

“The type of defense they have, whenever they’re out there, they have an opportunity to win. It’s the National Football League at the end of the day. You have to be prepared for whatever. You have to be desperate for a win or it’s just not going to happen.”

The last time the Broncos were such big favorites was the final game of 2014. They were 14-point favorites against the Raiders that day. Peyton Manning threw for 279 yards. C.J. Anderson rushed for three touchdowns and the Broncos won 47-13.

Three years later, only 13 players are still here for the Broncos, seven starters. None of them are named Peyton Manning, by the way.

Still, so long as they don’t turn the ball over, the Broncos should be able to handle Eli’s Giants, even if the only time we see Peyton is in commercials.