Like all NFL coaches, Joe DeCamillis is sometimes guilty of bringing the job home with him.

“I didn’t sleep a lick,’’ DeCamillis said of his Sunday night at home. “I didn’t sleep one bit. It was a rough night. My kids were all in and my family was all there. It was a pitiful night. We just have to keep swinging. It’s been uncharacteristic. We’ve never had a game like that here and I don’t want to have another one like that again.”

DeCamillis is the Denver Broncos’ special teams coordinator. His unit won the game at New Orleans with a sensational blocked extra point and 2-point return. But special teams deserved its share of blame for the Broncos’ 30-27 overtime loss to Kansas City on Sunday night.

To review:

*Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill returned a free kick 86 yards for a touchdown.

“What I put on his report that week was world class speed,’’ DeCamillis said of Hill. “You’re talking world class, as in Usain Bolt and Michael Johnson. Those are elite speed guys and that guy ran a 4.2-something. He’s a world class guy. We didn’t do a good job of handling him. Hopefully they understand that know the next chance we get to play them again (on Christmas night in Kansas City). We’ll see what happens.”

*Broncos returner Jordan Norwood muffed two punts. He recovered the first back on the Broncos’ 5, which helped lead to a safety. He lost the second, which so infuriated Denver’s defense, he got a shove from teammate Aqib Talib.

*The field goal defense got an overload formation penalty that changed a Kansas City field goal into an eventual touchdown.

*Placekicker Brandon McManus missed a 62-yard field goal in overtime. While that’s hardly a crime, especially when he made two field goals earlier in the game, the miss left the Chiefs with favorable field position which they were able to convert into their own game-winning field goal.

“That was the worst game that I’ve ever been a part of special teams-wise,’’ DeCamillis said. “It was tough to go through. It’s uncharacteristic because the one thing that we pride ourselves on since we have been here is our coverage teams and we just didn’t play well. Everybody had a turn, including me. When you play like that (you) obviously don’t do a good job. We have to get that picked up really quick.”

One correction could be at punt returner, where if there’s not a game-breaker, there at least needs to be ball protection. Emmanuel Sanders and Jordan Taylor are possibilities from the Broncos’ current roster and the practice squad has Kalif Raymond.

“We’re working guys as we speak,’’ DeCamillis said. “We have to just see how it goes and go from there. Obviously that’s unacceptable; we can’t put the ball on the ground. We have to maintain field possession for our team and it was not a good night. We have to get that corrected quickly.”