ENGLEWOOD—On meeting day during the bye week Tuesday, one of the conversation topics in the Broncos’ locker room was about how much money must have changed hands with Justin Houston’s fumble recovery for a touchdown on the final play of the game Monday night.

Houston’s touchdown wasn’t necessary for the Kansas City Chiefs, as had he fallen on the ball, time would have ran out with a 23-20 win against Washington. But his touchdown off Washington’s failed, multi-lateral, desperation play made it 29-20.

“I would have done the same thing,’’ said Von Miller, the Broncos’ version of Justin Houston. “Because at the end of the season, all they show is the defensive touchdown return. They don’t ask how.’’

Houston’s score may have been insignificant to the game. But it was extremely significant to bettors because Kansas City was favored by 6.5 to 7.5 points. A 23-20 win would have meant those who bet on Washington won. The 29-20 score meant Kansas City won the game and the wagers.

In general, the public majority usually bets with the favorite. So more people than not likely considered the Houston play an incredible stroke of good luck.

Jay Kornegay, who runs the Westgate Las Vegas Super Book, said the amount of money that changed hands on that final play was in “the small six figures.’’

Still, gamblers know losing hurts more than winning feels good. There might be a run on living room wall repairs this week in the nation’s capital.

Parks scores

Pro Football Focus gave Broncos safety Will Parks high marks for his performance Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. The scouting site added it wasn’t sure what position Parks plays as he seems to play safety, linebacker and cornerback.

“That’s good,’’ Parks said, smiling. “I think right now it’s called a hybrid, or rover if you want to call it.’’

Parks’ versatility has turned the Broncos into a “dime” defensive team as he’s even though he’s their third safety, he’s played 61.4 percent of the defensive snaps through four games.

“When you’re out there for that many different (sub) packages, it just shows they have confidence that you can stop the run,’’ he said. “That’s the big thing for me is stopping the run. But I’m also covering at least 50 percent of the time.’’

He covered so well one play, Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr hit him in the hip.

“That ball specifically, on film he throws that ball between the numbers and the sideline so I played it that way but he threw it quick and I wasn’t looking,’’ Parks said. “If I was looking I would have been able to catch it for a pick.’’

Booker’s return

Devontae Booker was in for eight offensive plays as the Broncos’ No. 3 running back against the Raiders and got three carries for 14 yards.

Booker had missed training camp, the preseason and first three games of the regular season because of a fractured right wrist.

“It was more building that confidence back,’’ he said. “You do a lot of stuff as a running back between pass protection and catching the ball and running the ball. It’s just getting confident with my wrist. Getting hit on it. I got hit on it two or three times in (Sunday’s) game and it felt great. Can’t wait to see what next week has got in store for me.’’