One key to the game Sunday against the New York Jets may be the home crowd in Denver.

We at 9NEWS would never encourage Denver Bronco fans to boo their team.

We will be listening, though, in case something goes wrong with the home team and the fans vent some frustration.

“It’s been a hard season for all of us, the fans included,’’ said Broncos head coach Vance Joseph. “We understand the frustrations; we have them also. Our goal is to play well for our fans and I can promise our fans one thing, they will play hard for them on Sunday. Being home is always a good thing. We’re looking forward again to having a clean slate and to win a football game at home in front of our fans.

“But we do get the frustrations, guys, because we have them also. If a bad play happens and they boo some, we get it. We understand, but our goal is to win for our fans and our football team on Sunday.”

It’s been 8 losses in a row for the Broncos. One more will tie the franchise’s dubious record, set in 1967. Von Miller, the Broncos’ best player, says he hears from angry fans every day on Twitter and Instagram. He doesn’t respond, but he reads them all.

“If we go out there and get a win I’m sure that will sway some of the fans right there,’’ Miller said. “But it’s a tough season all the way around. You can’t sugarcoat that at all, it’s been a tough season for us. For everybody. For the players, for the staff, for the fans, it’s been a tough season for Denver. We’ll be able to change it around though. The same energy I have talking to you, that’s the same conversation that I’ll have with whatever fan, if I have enough time to talk to him.’’

Bronco fans are the best.

They have sold out their team’s home stadium for 393 games in a row, counting postseason. The streak, which will extend to 394 games Sunday as tickets were sold long ago, goes back 48 seasons, to 1970, when Lou Saban was the coach, Floyd Little was The Franchise and three quarterbacks – Pete Liske, Steve Tensi and Alan Pastrana – each started multiple games in a 14-game season.

That team finished 5-8-1. The current Broncos team has also started three quarterbacks, but it can only wish it would reach 5-8-1.

If the 3-9 Broncos happen to finally win, there will be cheers. If not, remember, children may be present in your area.