Even on the the Broncos off days they're working. On Monday, the eve of the teams first mandatory Mini Camp, the rookies were working at both the Food Bank of the Rockies and the Boys and Girls Club.

The team is teaching them at a young age how important it is to give back.

"It's just something that's important to me," said Broncos Cornerback Brendan Langley. "I feel morally obligated to come out here and really feel privileged to help those in need."

Linebacker DeMarcus Walker added, "I love kids; me and Von were just talking about that the other day. A kid will never switch up with you good or bad because they'll never forget that moment of you being a role model can affect their life."

The Broncos wrapped up their afternoon by eating pizza and ice cream and playing games at the Boys and Girls Club. This was certainly a day that the rookies and the kids will never forget.