Everyone thought Carmelo Anthony was headed to Houston, including Anthony.

"A deal was done with Houston. Then for some reason — whatever happened behind the scenes — it didn't go through," Anthony told SiriusXM NBA Radio on Wednesday.

Now a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Anthony says he thought a trade sending him from New York to Houston was finalized in early July.

"It fell through, then we had to really start paying attention and thinking about other options," Anthony said in the interview.

With a no-trade clause in his contract, the Knicks needs Anthony's cooperation for a trade to go through. Anthony says after the Houston trade fell apart, he expanded his list of approved destinations to include Cleveland and Oklahoma City.

"I felt like I was going to be back in training camp and I would show up to media day in New York. Me and my team sat down and was like, ‘Man, we best prepare for going back to media day and training camp that week.' And then we got the call that said, ‘Would you open it up to OKC?' And I was like, ‘Yeah, at this point yeah.' I don't think it would have been beneficial for me to come back to media day after everything that was going on in the offseason. For me to have to deal with that it would have been unfair for the organization, the Knicks, to have to deal with that."

Oklahoma City comes to Denver for a preseason game against the Nuggets on Tuesday, October 10 at Pepsi Center.