It's hard to live in Colorado and not be a fan of the outdoors.

Whether it's a sunny day with blue skies in the middle of summer, or a winter night with light snow fall in the Rocky Mountains, the state has some of the best spots for fishing in the entire country. The beauty alone makes it a top destination.

To give people a glimpse into some of Colorado's best outdoor scenes for relaxing by the water and hoping for a catch, 9NEWS Sports Photojournalist Reno Boyd put together a half hour television special.

It's called "Catching Colorado", and it gives fishermen and fans of the sport across the state an inside look at both the major players and the people who have a unique approach to the outdoor hobby.

We broke the show into four segments, which provides viewers with the magnificent visuals and interesting stories that will make you want to grab a rod and head to the water.

Segment One: Ascent Fly Fishing

Peter Stitcher is doing everything he can to help make the sport of fly fishing more approachable to the angler. Peter, an aquatic biologist and restoration ecologist, founded Ascent Fly Fishing--which strives to make the science and cost of fly fishing accessible to all. Ascent Fly Fishing is unique because it is owned and operated by biologists, and aside from making the sport more affordable, Peter teaches uncommon fishing classes to help anglers gain a better understanding of bugs' life cycles. That also includes how to read the surrounding waters you're fishing.

Segment Two: Fishing with Bernie

Bernie Keefe, owner of Fishing with Bernie, has been guiding fishing trips on Lake Granby in Granby Co. for over 25 years. Although many anglers would prefer to fish in warmer weather and on the open water, there is something special about ice fishing that introduces a whole different level of excitement to the sport. And, Bernie is the man to see when it comes to fishing for big lake trout, especially on the ice.

Segment Three: Fishing with no Hook

Isn't the purpose of fishing to...catch a fish? That's not the case for Peter Sawtell. He's been fishing in Colorado for years. He never catches anything, and that's just the way he likes it.

Segment Four: Fishful Thinker

Chad LaChance is the Peyton Manning of fishing in Colorado. He's also the host of the Fishful Thinker TV show, which is entering its 17th season. Chad has made a name for himself in the fishing community, and when he's not at fishing expositions, filming his show or out guiding among many other things, he also coaches young anglers. Chad recently coached youngsters Turner Mason and Ryan Wood to win the 2016 Costa Bassmaster High School National Championship. On Chad's TV show he provides key insight about all kinds of fishing and their techniques, as well as cooking advice when preparing the hard earned meal.