His road to recovery is coming along quickly, probably quicker than anybody would expect of someone who just underwent chemotherapy for testicular cancer the past several months.

Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis threw his first live batting practice on Tuesday after rejoining the team in June. Bettis says he is looking forward to getting back to the game, rather than talking about his cancer recovery as he's been doing the past few months.

"The strength was all there," Bettis said. "I was really excited about that. It's nice to be talking about mechanics again instead of how I feel, how my strength is, how I'm recovering and stuff like that."

Bettis threw 63 pitches today without any complications.

"I feel as normal as I can be, everything is there," Bettis said. " I don't know, I feel back."

Despite being diagnosed with testicular cancer late last year and removing a testicle on November 29 -- only to find out he need to undergo chemotherapy -- Bettis came out on top of it on May 16.

What a difference two months can make. To kick off July, Bettis is back with the team, feeling better and ready to claim his spot on the mound permanently. In the meantime, his presence alone may be able to uplift the club house.

"Since he's been here he's brought a lot of production to this team," Rockies pitcher Jon Gray said, "bringing good, positive energy every day. He's someone we look up to and I just can't wait to get him back on the mound."

The Rockies had terrific start to the season, and now that they're in tough times after losing 10 of their last 12 games, the team could use his motivation.

"He's always brought energy, he's brought positivity; he's always here helping guys out when they need him, watching video," said third baseman Nolan Arenado. "He's just a positive impact on our team."

Now, a few dozen pitches later and another batting practice in the near future, Bettis is slowing amping up to a game day scenario.

"I thought he looked very good," Rockies Manager Buddy Black said. "You know we've seen Chad throw off the mound now for some time with increasing intensity, and this was just another step of increased intensity, and again he's passing all these markers. It's really good to see, but he looked fine."

A little over seven months after his diagnosis, Bettis and the mound will be reunited in a game situation.

"Things are lining up for Chad," Black said.