There has been a lot buzz about what Jamaal Charles can bring to the Broncos’ running game.

Rightfully so. He is a proven big-play guy.

But it’s still C.J. Anderson who will start by breaking through some tackles to loosen up the defense for the quick and speedy Charles.

Anderson understood early in the offseason he was to complement Charles, not worry about getting replaced.

“I thought it was great,’’ he said of Charles’ surprise signing in early May. “I never turn back competition.’’

Wasn't he worried about losing his starting job?

“Not at all,’’ Anderson said in a sit-down interview Thursday with 9News. “I wasn’t worried about it for two reasons. One, I know what type of player I am and what I’ve done for this organization and what I continue to get done.

“And two, I also know we’re both are going to play. And that’s just the truth. We’re both going to have our times to shine when we play. I’m just excited to have him here and him being healthy. He’s just a special player. I mean at one point in time, where he was I would love to be. At the top.’’

Anderson has had his share of great games, too. It’s just he had a bunch in the second half of 2014, a bunch in the second half and preseason of 2015, and a few more early in 2016.

In one respect, his career has already far exceeded expectations by entering his fifth NFL season. He not only was undrafted out of college, he was a backup running back in college (Cal).

In another, it’s been frustrating to Fantasy League players that for all of Anderson’s production, it hasn’t come over a one, full 16-game season.

“I’m on the verge, that’s how I look at it,’’ Anderson said. “I’m on the verge to put it all together. The biggest goal for myself is to stay healthy and be consistent.’’

There were a couple years with Peyton Manning when the Broncos only needed the running game so their receivers could catch their breath.

Trevor Siemian can do the job but he needs a running game. The Broncos were 5-2 last year when Anderson went down with a knee injury. The running game slumped from there and the Broncos finished 4-5.

If Anderson, and Charles, can be there all year, C.J. may not finally have a full season. He should get to run in the postseason.