CJ Anderson never played with Terrell Davis, but the two have that Broncos bond that Anderson says makes him extra proud of TD going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

"It's huge and it's the pride to keep the running back tradition going," said Anderson.

Floyd Little is already a Hall of Famer, and TD will officially go in Saturday night. But, C.J. says why not three, why not me?

"I think 12 years is a hall of fame career. You just got to stay consistent, you got to keep your head down and having the accolades behind you will make it easy," smiled Anderson after practice today.

Anderson would like to call Canton, OH home but CJ Admitted there are certainly others on the field that have a lead on him right now. What current Broncos may one day be deserving of wearing that mustard yellow jacket?

"We got plenty of them: 58, 21, 25, 88, and 10," said Anderson and then added "22" would be nice too.

Still for now, CJ, like the rest of the Broncos, is excited for the TD.