Following the Buffs win against Utah at Folsom Field, a University of Colorado football player was arrested and another cited Sunday night.

Abdul Jaleel Awini, 23, is facing drug charges and Christopher Hill, 21, was cited for third-degree assault. According to a police report, the two got into a fight outside the Walrus Saloon in downtown Boulder.

The report says Hill and Awini were at the same bar when Hill observed Awini to be in a "daze." An argument between the two broke out as Hill tried to check and see if Awini was OK.

A bouncer saw the argument and escorted Awini out of the bar. As Hill left the bar, he ran into Awin, who was still upset about the earlier incident. Hill told police he saw Awini clench his fist, so he punched Awini in the face first.

Awini fell to the ground and Hill ran away from the scene. He eventually waited in a different area for officers to arrive.

When police arrived, they found a 'white powdery' substance in Awini's wallet as he was being transported to the Boulder Community Health hospital.

Both were eventually transported to Boulder County Jail.