Fans won't have any trouble seeing the scoreboard at CSU's new on-campus stadium this fall, no matter where you sit.

That's because it's the size of a high school basketball court, 84 feet across and 50 feet high.

That's more than three times as large as the main video board at the Rams former home field, Hughes Stadium, and one of the 25 largest in college football, school officials said.

If you're seated in the south end zone, with the scoreboard behind you, don't fret. The giant Panasonic video board will be supplemented by nearly a quarter-mile of ribbon video screen, 3 feet high, wrapping around the stadium. It will provide key statistics, out-of-town scores, prompts urging specific cheers at key times and, of course, those ads from sponsors that fans have come to expect while attending NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games.

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