Professional athletes compete at the highest of levels. It turns out, that kind of peak is hard to reach for the average journalist.

9NEWS Sports reporter Aaron Matas and photojournalist Reno Boyd had -- what they thought was -- a great story lined up Thursday.

They were heading to Manitou Springs to get video of some of the young players and prospects of the Colorado Avalanche climbing up one of the state's most challenging hikes: The Manitou Incline.

Let's just say this: thank God they hooked up a Go Pro to Avs Center J.C. Beaudin. If not for that, Reno and Aaron might not have had a whole lot of video to work with.

They sure didn't get any interviews at the top of the summit. That's because, one by one, the young hockey players were blowing past them. By the time Reno and Aaron finished the trek, the Avs were long gone.

Thankfully, Reno busted out his phone camera to capture some of his toughest moments, and the two now get to share their failure for your viewing pleasure.