At Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Eric Fetsch and other cyclists are getting a sneak peek at the course the world’s fastest men and women will race during stage one of the Colorado Classic.

“It’s a unique opportunity to have the pro’s come on back out to Colorado again,” Fetsch said.

Doug Martin, with The Sports Corp and Technical Director of stage one, says Colorado Springs had a long tradition with the Pro Challenge.

“We were involved with the first Pro Challenge in 2011, we had a stage in 2012 and again in 2014,” Martin said.

This time Colorado Springs will see professional cyclist with the 2017 Colorado Classic, kicking off four days of racing around Colorado and like any big event mean some big road closures.

“We’re talking 15 miles or course, road closures significant roads in Colorado Springs so there will be road closures we will have gaps in the race where people can cross the course,”’ Martin said.

It’s all been planned out for months to bring the best riders in the world to Colorado and in Colorado Springs they will take on a very scenic course with Pikes Peak in the background and racing through Garden of the Gods.

“With the rock structures there with Pikes Peak in the background I think it will be very, very scenic,” Martin said.

Beautiful but very difficult with cyclist staying it runs along some of the steepest roads in the area.

“The fight up Ridge Road which is about a half mile and I don’t even know what the grade is but I don’t want to know,” Fetsch said.

Men will lap the course six times for around 90 miles of racing while women lap it twice.

After riding it himself, it’s a course Eric says, he’s ready to see the pros race.

“It’s going to be a tremendous event for the state overall,” said Fetsch.

Racing starts on August 10 with the women starting at 10 a.m. and the men racing at 1:10 p.m.

After Colorado Springs, the race heads to Breckenridge for stage 2 and finally in Denver for the finale over the weekend.