When the Colorado Classic starts next week it will include one of cycling's biggest and most controversial names.

Lance Armstrong once had seven consecutive Tour de France wins but it was all taken away after he was found to have been taking part in a massive doping scandal.

His story is one that nearly everyone knows but now he's working on the next chapter in his career and that's got Armstrong taking part in the upcoming Colorado Classic bike race.

Armstrong has just started a new podcast show called "Stages" and it's already got a lot of listeners.

During its debut during the Tour de France "Stages" had more than 5 million downloads and on Facebook more than 80,000 people a day were watching, more successful than Armstrong thought it would be.

"We can be producers of the content and characters in the play and so you put them up and people can access them for free so across all those channels to get 5 million downloads, views whatever you call it that was, I was shocked," said Armstrong.

Clearly he's still a big name in cycling but Armstrong says after all he's been through he's now trying to enjoy success without making mistakes that pursuing success cost him in the past.

"For 10, 15 years of my life success wasn't my friend and so even just in three weeks having some level of success for me I look at that and I like it," said Armstrong. "I'm pleased with the success and humbled by the success but at the same time I'm like you have to manage this right and navigate it right maybe it's too personal but that's stuff I think about cause the successful person we all saw and many supported a long time ago can never come back."

The Colorado Classic starts next week in Colorado Springs on Thursday, heads to Breckenridge on Friday and wraps up in Denver for two days of racing.

Along the way Armstrong and his "Stages" show will be broadcasting their podcast.