Pressure is building for the Broncos new coach.

"It hit a little bit today, on the way in I can tell you that. I think the day before I was too tired or irritated after that last game," said DeCamillis. "It's a big responsibility there's a lot of people depending on you and you don't want to let anybody down."

Parts of the gig have been made easy. DeCamillis plans to follow Kubiak's weekly regimen.

"I think his schedule is as good as I've seen," said DeCamillis. "The way he does things on a week-to-week basis, the way we practice, meetings, restoration for our players with our strength coaches. I mean it's just an incredible schedule, I think it would be foolish to change it to be honest with you."

DeCamillis said he is interested in being a head coach, even interviewed for the Bears opening a couple of years ago. So this is a bit of an audition, and he'll have to change some of his sideline behavior.

"I won't dress any differently," said DeCamillis. "I did get some advice about my language that's for sure."

So he'll clean it up for Thursday's game against the Chargers, which by the way, he does not view as a try out.

"Helping an organization, and helping a friend and a coach," said DeCamillis.

No pressure right.